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Burst & leaking pipes can catch all of us unaware at anytime, it could be a frozen or damaged pipe or even a leaking connection or tap. Don’t worry you can always rely on us to fix your problem the same day.

The most important thing in all emergencies is to stay calm and not to panic.

Dealing with a frozen pipe
1. Turn off your main water supply which can be found under the kitchen sink or at the bottom or your garden entrance under a cover
2. If the frozen pipe is not controlled by a valve and is running from a storage cistern, check that it hasn’t split.
3. If the pipe has split, empty the cistern by turning on the bathroom taps and flushing the toilet or by siphoning the water out of the cistern with a hose.
4. Then call your plumber.
5. If the pipe has not split, you will be able to try warm up the pipe by using hot water bottles or an electric hairdryer.

Dealing with a burst pipe/leaking pipe
1. If the leak is coming from a Toilet, Tap or washing machine there may be an isolation valve that can be turned off either by hand or using a screwdriver. I there is no isolation valve turn off the stop-cocks (stop valves) one by one to isolate the leak. The stop cock can usually be found under the kitchen sink or at the bottom or your garden entrance (pathways under a cover marked water) Stop valves/gate valves can usually be located in the airing cupboard.
2. If the valves are stiff and won’t turn off in the airing cupboard the storage tank in the loft and water system can be drained down by turning on the bathroom taps (this is provided that the main stop cock is turned off)
4. Call a plumber
5. If you have had wires exposed to the water make sure that you get a recommended electrician to fix it for you